Saturday, April 16, 2016

CHARLES BRULL LTD - [CBD 671] Various - A Good Mixture ‎(1976)


A1 Leroy Daumier - Free And Happy
A2 Georg Artner - Ride On Holidays
A3 Ernst Lamprecht - Lecito
A4 Theo Ferstl - Theme For Ernest
A5 Ernst Kugler - Joyful
A6 Willi Meerwald - The Romanticist
B1 Ernst Kugler - Changing Moods
B2 Willi Meerwald - Handsome Harlot
B3 Richard Oesterreicher - Cuzpe
B4 Leroy Daumier - Make It Real
B5 Willi Meerwald - You Can Have It
B6 Rudi Eis - Holidays At Wimbledon
B7 Robert Demmer - Jetons

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