Thursday, June 30, 2016

AMPHONIC MUSIC LTD - [AMPS 124] The Double Dozen Orchestra - Once More From The Top (1979)


A1 Dick Walter - Slipped Disco
A2 Frank Barber - Where Are You Now
A3 Syd Dale - Coffee House
A4 Ronnie Price - How To Treat A Lady
A5 Syd Dale - Once More From The Top
A6 Bill Geldard - Tequila Surprise
B1 Syd Dale - Bermuda Bronze
B2 Frank Barber - Dicing With Disco
B3 Gerry Butler - Left, Right & Down The Middle
B4 Syd Dale - Silently In The Night
B5 Peter Smith - In The World Alone
B6 Frank Barber - Know I'm Lucky

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