Thursday, September 22, 2016

BOOSEY & HAWKES - [SBH 2962] The Cavendish Orchestra - Dramatic Jazz (1977)


A1a Semi-Private Eye - Dramatic Jazz
A1b Semi-Private Eye - Melancholy
A1c Semi-Private Eye - Action To Climax
A1d Semi-Private Eye - Scaresville
A2a Operation Midnight - Main Line
A2b Operation Midnight - Back Alley
A2c Operation Midnight - The Night People
A2d Operation Midnight - The Cool One
A2e Operation Midnight - Swing Loose
A2f Operation Midnight - Midnight
A3 Walk On The Cool Side
A4 Harsh Tension
A5a Two Spheres Of Saffron (A)
A5b Two Spheres Of Saffron (B)
A6 Phrygia
B1 Computer 495
B2 Lonely Promenade
B3 Gin And Tonic
B4 San Fran
B5 Blue Tears

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